Cardio? I Thought You Said Oreo Socks

Cardio? I Thought You Said Oreo Socks

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Take the trash out - 50 calories. Watch the morning news - 33 calories. Eat some cookies – well, maybe today’s a cheat day. Actually, every day is a cheat day. Cardio is for athletes, and you’re definitely not that… anymore. These socks let the world know that you’re not going anywhere but the couch, the kitchen, the bathroom and the bed. • Mid-calf Crew Sock • Unisex, One Size Fits Most: Men 6 – 11 & Women 7.5 – 12 • Imported. Made of 70% Cotton, 28% Polyester, 2% Elastic

One-size-fits-most: Women 7.5 - 12, Men 6 - 11

Super soft cotton and synthetic (nylon, polyester and/or acrylic)